In Iran, the Asian Championship will be held on against "Koresh"

В Иране пройдет чемпионат Азии по борьбе «Корэш»

18 -  20 оctober, 2011 in the city of Mashhad (Iran) will host the Asian Championship Wrestling Tatar "Koresh" among young people 17 - 20 years. Competitions conducts Asian Federation of Wrestling, "Koresh", which was established in May 2010 President of the Federation is Abdolkarim Souda (Iran). On the Asian Cup as a special guest invited by the president of the International Association of Tatar Wrestling "Koresh" and the National Federation of Wrestling "Tatarcha koresh" Russian Minnahmetov Jawdat Midkhatovich.

Will also feature the traditional Asian Championship Wrestling Kazakhstan, Iran and against "Alysh." The event will be organized demonstrations against the Yakut "Hapsagay" which, along with the struggle, "Koresh" is included in the Russian register of sports as a national sport.

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