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We live in a very interesting world. In one day, you can get from one end of the world to another, and your day will change overnight. Miracle-creation under the name of your Internet web connects and integrates the entire globe. Transmission channels of satellite TV you can contemplate on all the continents together.

In which was considered one of the largest cities in the world of Sao Paulo and gave the world famous footballer Pele's Santos city, situated on the Atlantic coast of Brazil's paradise, at the World Festival of Cadets Traditional Wrestling held the world championship among juniors in the struggle of the Tatar "Sidekick." After him, I somehow felt that our Earth is, on the one hand, the infinitely large and varied, but on the other - it is quite compact. It turns out that children living in the South American Indians and African Americans as our young mischievous, curious and are respectful to adults, easy learn and communicate with their peers. And most importantly for us, they are warmly received Tatar struggle, held before the competition for training for two days trying to learn it thoroughly. And the prime example - the second place who participated in the weight category 70 kg Brazilian Vinicius Yoakuima, who one by one beat a well familiar with the belt wrestling sversnikov from Kazakhstan and Iran, and lost only member of the Russian team of Arthur Bashkortstan Zulkarnaevu.

In the framework of the World Festival of cadets also held the world championship fight at the Kazakh "Kazakhstan kures" Yakut fight "Hapsagay" and competition pulling sticks called "Mas-wrestling" as well as to combat "Alysh" among the girls. In Sao Paulo brought together representatives of 13 countries from four continents. The above mentioned Arthur also won the title of World Champion Wrestling "Hapsagay" and "Mas-wrestling." Member of the Russian national team, a representative of the Mari El Republic, Ivan Andreev effectively excelled in the weight category up to 60kg. And over 70 kg world champion became the representative of the Republic of Tatarstan, a native of Tyulyachey, Airat Mukhutdinov. Airat also won the silver medal at the Kazakh wrestling. Given that the net weight Airat - 78 kg, and the team of Kazakhstan in the weight category Airat attended by several well-trained athletes from 75 to 130 pounds, and that they are 1 year older than him, it becomes clear what skills and what effect will have to Airat show to win.

World Championship fight at the Tatar Brazilian soil had a very organized representatives of the Russian Federation against the Tatar "Koresh" and the World Association of Wrestling "Koresh," led by Jawdat Midehatovichem Minnahmetovym. They, and for English in your pocket does not climbed, and as translators helped to conduct the competition from other traditional forms of struggle. And the videos and films about the struggle of the Tatar brought the head of our team, a famous wrestler in the recent past, Rafil Radikovich Ahmethanovym, were awarded the strong applause.

Secretary General of the Pan American Sports Confederations Association, a member of the International Olympic Committee, Guatemalan Francisco Lopez Lee noted that he especially liked the Tatar struggle, her beautiful and clean techniques, and stressed that our struggle will eventually turn into an Olympic kind of martial arts. A representative of South Africa, which plans to take the next World Cup, the head of the African Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports Federations Nerker Hussein also expressed his sincere sympathy for our struggle and said that he was going to invite coaches from Russia before the World Cup to learn the subtleties of Tatar control their charges.

We live in a very interesting world. On the one hand, it seems that going on in the world of globalization discolor our nation to swallow it. On the other hand, with us and learn about the traditions of our beautiful distant lands and peoples, and they are more and learn more about us. Bashkir, and Mari teens who have chosen Tatar struggle as part of his destiny, for the first time in my life have visited abroad, and in what other country! We help our neighbors in the training world champions. Like, the glorification of the struggle of the Tatar, Tatar nation become profitable. It is good that there are leaders and entrepreneurs who can arrange for service of the nation as a profitable occupation.

But his coconuts, pineapples, humid and warm climates, evergreen Brazil resembles a fairy tale. And who would have thought that service to the development of the Tatar struggle could lead to a paradise planet.

The judge competitions, honored coach of Tatarstan Marcil Kadyrov.


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