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Between 18 - 20 october 2011 in the city of Mashhad (Iran) were first FILA Games on Traditional Wrestling Championship (17-20 years). Through these Games, the International Association of Tatar Wrestling "Koresh" in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Asian Federation of Wrestling "Korzsh" held Asian Championship and World Championship Wrestling Tatar "Koresh." The Chief Justice of the Asian championship and world championship fight, "Koresh," Kadyrov was appointed Marcel Kohirovich, who is now vice-president of the International Association of Tatar Wrestling "Koresh."

Also, competition in our Wrestling held the international federations of martial arts "Alysh", "Kazakh kures" and "Chuhe."

FILA Sports Games on Traditional Wrestling Sports, in general, were at the highest organizational level. The competition was attended by about 50 athletes from 18 countries worldwide. As a result of World Championship Wrestling Tatar "Koresh" first team place was the team of IR Iran, the second - the team of the Republic of Belarus, the third - a team of Turkmenistan. Were bad in the world championship athletes from Africa, who first took part in the competition of such high rank to fight "Koresh."

Recently Tatar struggle "Koresh" and began to develop the African continent. In December 2011 the International Association of Tatar Wrestling "Koresh" is planning a tournament in Africa, Republic of Benin.




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