National sports can get into the Olympics

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New impetus to the development of sport in Russia could give of the summer of this year, the World Student Games in Kazan and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the development will not only elite sport, but sports a massive, rather, national. This he said in a meeting with the Council on International Relations.

- We must strive to ensure that those of our national sports and made their way into the Olympic disciplines. And the important thing to know about them in Russia, so that they have developed it as a mass public sports, - said Putin.

The President reminded that in the official register of the Ministry of Sports was listed all five of these sports. This is a three fight: Qureshi (Chuvash belt wrestling), Koresh (Tatar equivalent) hapsagay (Yakut wrestling), and weight-wrestling (Yakut pulling sticks) and Yakut national jumps.

In reality, the national sports more than 60, and deal with them according to official data, more than 85,000 people.

- Do not forget that all the world famous Olympic sports were once purely national - said Vladimir Putin.


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