The results of European Championships

Athletes victory over the Russian team championship of Europe in the framework of the II European sports games, which took place May 19-21, 2011 in Siauliai Lithuania with the participation of 20 European countries. Our fighters Muhametyanov Nail (Bashkortostan), Gallyamov Musa (Republic of Mari-El), Nurgaliyev Rail (Tatarstan Republic), Felix Marseille (Chelyabinsk region) won gold medals European Championships. It should be noted that Felix has become a two-time champion Marcel Europe, winning in these competitions all his rivals.
Very successful at our wrestlers and other national kinds of struggle which were presented in a program of the European game. Rail Nurgaliyev became the champion of the struggle of Kazakh kures, Gallyamov Musa took third place in the Kazakh anti kures and Nail Muhametyanov won the silver medal in wrestling "Alysh." Thus, they demonstrated the universality of the national struggle, "Koresh" and the high level of training fighters team of Russia.

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