"Koresh" conquered Brazil

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21-22 april after a joint training participants in the World Championship of Traditional Wrestling Sports took the world championship among juniors by 5 kinds of struggle: Koresh, Kazakhstan kures, Hapsagay, Mas-wrestling (Yakutia) and Alysh. In the championship of the world participated by athletes from four continents, 13 countries.

In a bitter struggle with the representatives of Kazakhstan, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Belarus, our athletes took first place in all three weight classes to fight Koresh (up to 60 kg., up to 70 kg., more than 70 kg). For our athletes were the most exciting fights in the heavyweight category, where in the last seconds of the winner of a championship. In all weight categories have the greatest resistance fighters from Kazakhstan and Brazil. Proving their good training and skill in fighting Koresh, our athletes have performed well for other sports. Wrestler of the Republic of Tatarstan (Mukhutdinov Airat) took second place against Kazakhstan kures, a fighter from Bashkortostan (Zulkarnaev Arthur) won the 70 kg against Hapsagay and Mac-wrestling, thus winning three gold medals.

International Association of Tatar belt wrestling "Sidekick," the first time in the history of the competition held for the boys on this scale in the Americas. Our struggle has been very warmly received, and representatives of the American federations have expressed their desire to further develop it at home.

The next Junior World Championships to be held on the African continent (South Africa).

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