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 Belt wrestling "Koresh", along with the customs, rituals and traditions of the Tatar people is a significant part of national culture of peoples of the Volga, Urals and other regions of Russia, CIS and nearest foreign countries.  It is the national sport, has a long history and, being one of the most common kind of belt wrestling, was developed and perfected over the centuries. Lot of  national wrestlings of many nations are very similar to Tatar wrestling "Koresh. " "Koresh" - a particle of the ethnic factor, which brings these people into one common family. During the further development of this kind of sport wrestling and improving the competition rules it is necessary to preserve original and effective holds, which are forming the basis of this kind of combat, and traditions of wrestling.

In the development of the wrestling "Koresh" a Sabantuy national holiday, the celebrating the culmination of spring field work, played an important role. Thanks to its extraordinary popularity and entertainment the wrestling "Koresh" has been remained the heart of this holiday at all times. The wrestling, being a competition in strength, agility and endurance, in which the main purpose of a wrestler - to put a rival on his back using a hold with a clear him off the ground, has always honored and glorified by people.

This kind of sport in recent years has received a great development, technology and tactics have been increased. The main goal of the rules is to maximum promote wrestling, introduce an active, lively and entertaining bout, achieve a common interpretation of the wrestling, the detailed accounting and accurate assessment of each technical action of wrestler.

The purpose of this guide is to improve and clarify existing rules of wrestling "Koresh", to compose systematical uniform rules that meet modern requirements.

The national traditions and the basic principles of international competition rules for other types of combat are taken into account in compiling this guide, the basic concepts and terms that give a clear idea of the modern Tatar belt wrestling "Koresh" are presented , and it contains all the necessary information to organize and conduct competitions.

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